Discipleship Classes

In Partnership with Biblical Training Legacy Church Now Offers Select Discipleship Classes. Their Mission and Values are found below.

Note: As with any discipleship program you are free to agree and disagree. Legacy church doesn’t necessarily endorse all aspect of every teaching. As with any education platform you must decide what you hold to and what you reject. Legacy Church does its best to bring solid and trustworthy education.


BiblicalTraining.org is an educational ministry that gives all people access to a world-class Christian education. Our classes range from new believers to biblical literacy, leadership development, and seminary-level training.


  1. Spiritual growth requires knowledge and understanding of biblical content and theology.
  2. Education requires both content (head), but also the reflection and integration (heart, hands) necessary for knowledge to become wisdom.
  3. All people should have access to high quality, holistic, Christian education within their community.


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