You Are Loved Ministries


The Mission

We want people to know that THEY are loved regardless of their social, financial or economical status.


The How?

Seek: Find out where they are and what they need.
Matthew 25: 31-43

Love: Love past the pain, circumstance and situation. No smell, location, or past will keep out love. Romans 8:35-38

Trust: Trust that God will supply all of their and our needs.

Philippians 4:19 Matthew 6:32-34

Faith: Believe that what we do today is a direct reflection of whom Christ was and wants us to be. Believe that we are the out stretched arms of the Love of Christ. Believe we can make a difference and help people from their worry.

Matthew 6: 25-26

React- Seek them. Love no matter what. Trust in the Creator of it all. Believe in God and the call of our lives. React to the needs we find without delay. Don’t be the one’s that just walk by the hurting.

Luke 10: 30-37


The Vision

We are called to love those whom may be perceived as unlovable. We want to seek out those in our surroundings who are hungry, hurting, abandoned, trapped, sick, addicted, abused and in need. We eventually want to have a center to offer help and council in all these areas. Whether we are at the center or tethered to multiple organizations, the result is the same. Seek them out, reach out the Love of Christ and hopefully see them through their current circumstances. We are sons and daughters and co-heirs to the throne. Our new dawn into the resurrection is a promise and guarantee that one day we will be made completely new lacking nothing.


Josh and Lindsey’s Story

Struggling to figure out why our church plant wasn’t coming together like I had hoped and dreamed, I (Josh) went before the Lord with very specific questions. One of the questions was, “What do you want me to do about outreach and feeding?”

God spoke very directly to me. Find them! As the next 2 months went by everyone in the church plant left. Clearly God was moving Lindsey and me in a different direction.

We struggled with many questions over the next several months. I knew I had a call to preach, help the lost, the abused, the addicted, the hurting and the hungry. What I didn’t know is what was about to shake my family.

Lindsey had been waiting for a long time for God’s plan to come together in her life. She waited for a long time with the assumption that administration was all that she was capable of performing. God had a different plan. He just waited until our hope was down, our hearts broken, and our eyes still looking toward him. At the lowest point of our lives, we were able to hear him crystal clear. And then it happened…

God birthed the ministry in the early morning hours of July 14, 2013. Lindsey was told to get white paper lunch bags, draw a red heart on them, and write a simple message on the bag, YOU ARE LOVED. The bags were to be filled with food. Peanut butter sandwiches, fruit, chips, a cookie and bottle of water would be put into the bags.

The directive from God was straightforward. Go find those who were hungry and give them food.

With all of this rushing through Lindsey’s brain at 4am, she took a notebook and wrote it all down. Lindsey went to the living room, but Josh’s notebook was gone. So, Lindsey dug through the junk drawer to find any piece of paper or pad to write on. What she found, what she pulled out was a small notepad with a red heart at the top. That is when she knew what God was calling her, and I to accomplish.



For information and to learn how to get involved email Josh and Lindsey Bowling at