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Identity Mission- Honduras

Reminding children about their Identity

In 2014, Honduran children and family services underwent an enormous change. The Institution that had been operating for 20 years was dissolved. A new government entity was created with the plan of utilizing the help that non-profit organizations provide. With this change Identity Mission was born to take advantage of the opportunity to serve the Honduran orphaned children, reminding them about their Identity: they are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

Children Homes Care Program. We provide a helping hand to the homes through monthly sponsors and mission teams doing projects.

Alternate Care Program. We look for the best placement for the kids in social risk, from family reintegration, adoption, foster care to children home with best practices.

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On Going PROJECT (Headed up by Eric and Heather Warren)

Help use raise $13,000 to build a house for a family in need. To Read the Full story click the community button above.

In 2012, our mission team had the great pleasure of traveling to Roatan Honduras to a little fishing village called Oak Ridge. Our Mission was to help clean up the community and share Christ. A sweet lade by the name Rebecca was our primary community contact. She was a vital member of this community and dearly loved by everyone. Her dedication and heart for Christ made a strong impact on our missions team.

Summer (2013) we learned Rebecca passed away leaving 6 of her daughters behind to take care of the house. With most of the girls going to school leaving the oldest to take care of the family and making minimal money working with cruise ships that docked in Roatan. They have been struggling to make ends meet since there mother was the one who took care of the family. Their house is beyond the means of living and desperately needs rebuilding. We have obtained construction estimates for cost to rebuild due to the house having to be completely torn down.

We believe God desires to bless this family beyond our financial abilities. The village has come together and said they would help pay for some of the cost but we do not know the amount. Let us set an example of how God blesses those families (and left behind generations) who fully devote their lives to him. If we had 130 people donate $100 we could bless them with an new house. And use the money from the village to help pay for school, food and utilities.

Please consider praying for this sweet family and community.

To Learn More ABOUT Rebecca Visit the Facebook Page HERE


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